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The Tombstone (Gunslinger)

The Tombstone is the perfect jacket for someone with an hour glass shape.  It can be designed with the following variations.

                                                                                 Collar:  No collar, or rounded collar 

                                                                                  Sleeves:  3/4 or full length

                                                                                  Coat Length: Standard hip, long hip, or mid thigh

                                                                                  Collar, Sleeve, and Hem Band:  Contrasting colors

                                                                                  Lined, Unlined, or French Seams

                                                                                  Email for a design consultation 

         *See Sample Pictures Below the Cart*

The Tombstone (Gunslinger)

*All jacket creations include custom fitting, co-shopping for materials, Leona's Designs garment bag, and delivery. Fabric is not included in the price, as fabric prices vary  depending on the type and quality of fabric chosen by the customer.  Materials for each coat usually range between $25 - $50 ( no mark up is taken on fabric store prices).

Tombstone Jacket